There are many different,
and sometimes irreverent,
ways of thinking
or patterns of looking
at circumstances or events.
Some are accepted; others lack common sense!
One can be German,
Democratic, Brazilian,
Patriotic, Republican,
devoted to science, art, evolution,
or agreeable to a gay revolution.
Let’s focus on the perception
that’s unique to the Christian…
We aren’t ever happy
when we live for materials and money,
or when times are well below,
what we consider mellow.
We are no strangers to joy though…
because it’s God given.
We Christians are driven
when dealing with the ebb and flow
of high moments and transient woe,
to think of Jesus and sink low
as we fall on our knees in humility,
brought down by His awesome majesty.
Confronted and comforted by the mystery
of God’s love exhibited at Calvary,
we believers marvel at the substitutionary
death of One whose being is dynamic, yet stationary.
So when we meditate
on God Incarnate,
knowing He altered our fallen state,
enabling us to relate
to the top Prelate:
we praise the Lion Of The Tribe of Judah,
and make sure we live the Hallelujah
that’s shouted and sung every Sunday,
because we know Jesus is the Only Way.
That revelation was given by the Holy Spirit.
We await the Lord’s return!
Now…that’s the way we see it!.


The Discourse on Choice

The Discourse on Choice

Will you ever recognize
Jesus as God before He splits the skies?
It’s not about how you rationalize,
it’s not something a mere man could devise!
There’s nothing for you to actualize,
just plenty to learn and realize.
Believe…BEFORE you see Him with your own eyes.
God left it not to His whim,
for forced obedience is unlike Him,
but our choice.
For with just His voice
He not only ordains
but maintains and sustains the universe.
And so the news gets worse!
For with the same speech
that made sea and beach,
God demands Man must reach
an important decision:
live before Him in love or rebellion.
Now choice one fosters liberty
peace, joy,  and life… eternally.
Choice two leads to way too many
wrong endings like misery,
abuse, war, slavery,
destruction, and idolatry, indifference , pain, carnality
despair, selfishness, larceny, foolishness, grief,   apostasy,
oppression, chaos, jealousy,
laziness, squalor, immorality,
corruption, homosexuality,
darkness, deceit , depravity,
death, hell, religiosity,
and a total lack of jocularity!
However, choice two seems to grow in popularity,
much to the dismay of the Trinity,
as Man sides with the Adversary
by proceeding in living,
yet negating
the giving,
and loving
of Jesus at Calvary.
And while said living causes one’s wish to reside with the Lamb, at best,  weak and tenuous,
the flirtation with rebellion is continuous.
How is it that such hypocrisy emanates from us?!?
At any rate,
the thing to relate
is that God, the top Prelate
challenges one to subject
the self to the prospect
of a life lived, in servitude,
craving spiritual food,
which is the catalyst for fortitude
in altering the ungodly attitude!
Your answer isn’t about politics,
where men get paid to pull tricks,
nor excelling in mathematics
or showing an awareness in art and the humanities.
No, one’s answer isn’t found in one’s vanities
or virtuous tendencies.
It resides in the life belonging to you,
the things you think, say, and do.
Allow me to sum it up this way then: In Heaven you win, in Hell you lose.
Where you end up, depends on the choice that you choose.

The Change…


While many Christians claim solutions,

they still go through the motions

of every day

in the same way

as those who disbelieve.

If compelling one to receive

Jesus is your goal to achieve

change is what one is to perceive.

Change is not a facade

but being thought of as odd

since your talk,

and your walk,

are not the same

as those who are spiritually mute and lame.

Change is not falling for each trap Satan paved

and claim, “I’ll avoid it next time, ’cause I’m saved”!!

Change is not commanding

or demanding

that God has to do something

in order to feed your greed,

or satisfy some perceived need.

Change is not professing

Christ, yet not having

His life, but following

His lead and knowing

not hoping,

of that favorable ending.

Change is not altering

the timing

of the rebel’s norm,

that’s simply called reform.

God wants you to transform.

That means to use the light He has supplied,

not getting off-track and blaming some blind guide!

To influence Man’s choice

you must become strange

your life’s actions and voice

must be filled with the change.

The Initiation

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find all the literal creativity

by me, Russell Mukes a.k.a. Alopex….yours truly!

This is an attempt on my part to get busy;

not being passive in my ministry,

but purposely, and actively,

resolutely and with clarity,

giving the biblical God all the glory!

Whether you come across a video or writing that tells a story,

I pray that you, the reader, is challenged by my poetry!

So, without further ado,

I end this blog’s intro… come back later and read more to see what God can do!