Come With Me…

Got the idea to post this from another fellow Christian poet… many thanks to Faith Unlocked!


Come with me;

I wish to take you on a journey.

Before time existed I chose you for company.

Come with me,

and behold Calvary.

Look at Jesus’ broken body;

note the weeping of John and Mary.

Come with me,

let us move on to day number three,

to the chagrin of your Adversary,

and know that the tomb is empty!

Come with me,

cheer and applaud the intensity

of my love for humanity.

Come with me,

marvel at my ability

to see you sin, yet hand you mercy.

Come with me;

be a part of the mystery

that puzzles the angel for eternity.

Come with me,

join with those who yearn to be free

and rebel against what had over you authority.

Come with me

and put an end to your worry

put that in the trash with envy,

strife, greed, and idolatry…

then set that outside of my temple, quickly!

Come with me

but leave the desire for cashing checks

and the longing for non-marital sex.

Separate yourself from what sin expects!

Come with me,

but walk carefully;

you walk with God, and I am holy

Come with me;

I submit to you that I

can help you get high

without the illegal drug buy,

without the woe-is-me jailbird cry,

without the fear that you may overdose and die…

If you want to escape, here’s something to try:

put away the needle and the weed

make God’s Word what you heed.

Salvation is the drug on which you should feed

but first you need…

to come, and in all sincerity

drop to that proverbial knee

and simply acknowledge the reality

of the true deity

also known as the Trinity,

and of your depravity,

and the true desire to destroy it completely

and the God of all comfort…surely

will beckon you to follow, but not blindly,

for we have no need of robots, you see,

but follow intently and intelligently

and know that we love you dearly

(remember the scene at Calvary?)!

Thus I, the Holy Spirit, say openly,

that I invite you to come with me…

Really Loving God

There are many of us,

claiming to worship Jesus,

but He isn’t the focus,

or the impetus;

the very motive

that is shown in how we live!

No… some are merely,

Christians, in name only;

they have no real love of the Trinity.

We view the concept of loving God very differently!

We think it’s giving Him praise and lovely compliments;

but John 14 says loving Him is obeying His commandments!

We should focus on doing the latter,

and THEN do the former…

in other words, first obey!

Then when you decide to say

those things to exhalt His name,

He’ll be pleased and you won’t experience shame!

Now, let’s move away from this example,

and get back to the point before I start to ramble.

Some of us don’t really love God…

even though it sounds really odd,

what I say is, unfortunately, true.

In case you don’t see where I’m going, let me show you.

We come together in a building, whose purpose…

is to gather those who love Jesus.

Instead of being guilty of fixating,

on the only, actual, divine being,

too many are guilty of thinking,

or plotting,

or planning,

to committing

the doing

of something

that counts as sinning

against Zion’s King.

Allow me to share my enlightenment;

some have elevated their entitlement,

as they made a god from the concept of entertainment!

Hedonism is what they glorify,

for it they cheat, steal, lust, and lie.

It is sin, it offers death, and for it they foolishly die.

And the rhetorical question that needs asking is, “Why”?

The answer is, instead of loving,

the focus is on sinning,

also known as rebelling

against God, the comos’ King,

because the desires of their own imagining,

are those that they are following.

Keep in mind what love does!

It seeks to benefit others because,

that is how love always was!

It was never defined as selfish,

rude, immature, or childish.

The bible clearly dictates,

that these kinds of traits

are what makes us inmates;

and His love altered our fallen states!

Now, where am I going with this?

Right back to the poem’s premise!

Love deals with giving;

You often go to God, but that’s to get something,

and getting does not equal giving.

So if all you do to God is taking,

I just don’t know how to call that loving.

The Wrong Portrait


Allow me to share with you, what you’d say is mine,

C, I, N, O, with me say the line…

C, I, N, O, say it one more time!

C, I, N, O, now to explain with the rhyme.

Christians In Name Only

look for their wants and money

to mesh harmoniously.

For this fantasy

to become reality,

they pray religiously.

Forgetting the lesson about Gethsemane,

failing to learn from the example at Calvary,

the living of the false believer is contrary

to the creator of the concept of eternity.

Christians in name only

do NOT please the One who’s holy.

They claim

the Name

since it’s trendy or fun

not because they surrendered to the Son.

Trials appear, and then they flee.

It’s plain to see

that despite Jesus’ victory

and offer of liberty

that occurred on Calvary

that often, Christianity

is modeled as the new bigotry.

People fitting this description is nothing new,

just make sure the picture I paint doesn’t represent you:

You worship, yet you’re still seen as irreverent

claim to diligently study, yet the effort is inconsistent.

You say you’re a child of God, but act as though you’re illegitimate.

You say you read the Word, but it seems you’re still illiterate.

You say a word to illuminate, but there’s no light in it,

AND, you ready for this next hit?

God views the giving as inconsiderate.

You’re too busy praising self in worship services,

let the world pimp you to ensure your bank account replenishes,

and, miraculously, cussing is the foundation of your sentences,

then you lie,

I mean prophesy,

claiming you know what holiness is!

It doesn’t matter if you’re yellow, red, white, or black:

If dealing with the Word is less consuming a meal, and more an occasional snack,

you get upset when corrected for being on the wrong track,

say you believe, but a love for godly things you lack,

return your bible to the bookstore, and get your money back!!

I say this and you may see me as speaking without tact,

but what I say is true

and please don’t misconstrue

this very important fact:

If you say you love God yet that’s not how you’re living,

it becomes apparent to all that you’re obviously lying.

Be true to yourself, that’s all I’m saying.

If the plan is to sin then, baby, start sinning.

Want eternal life? Start surrendering

Either way you choose, know that you’re deciding,

to get busy living, or get busy dying.



There are many different,
and sometimes irreverent,
ways of thinking
or patterns of looking
at circumstances or events.
Some are accepted; others lack common sense!
One can be German,
Democratic, Brazilian,
Patriotic, Republican,
devoted to science, art, evolution,
or agreeable to a gay revolution.
Let’s focus on the perception
that’s unique to the Christian…
We aren’t ever happy
when we live for materials and money,
or when times are well below,
what we consider mellow.
We are no strangers to joy though…
because it’s God given.
We Christians are driven
when dealing with the ebb and flow
of high moments and transient woe,
to think of Jesus and sink low
as we fall on our knees in humility,
brought down by His awesome majesty.
Confronted and comforted by the mystery
of God’s love exhibited at Calvary,
we believers marvel at the substitutionary
death of One whose being is dynamic, yet stationary.
So when we meditate
on God Incarnate,
knowing He altered our fallen state,
enabling us to relate
to the top Prelate:
we praise the Lion Of The Tribe of Judah,
and make sure we live the Hallelujah
that’s shouted and sung every Sunday,
because we know Jesus is the Only Way.
That revelation was given by the Holy Spirit.
We await the Lord’s return!
Now…that’s the way we see it!.

The Discourse on Choice

The Discourse on Choice

Will you ever recognize
Jesus as God before He splits the skies?
It’s not about how you rationalize,
it’s not something a mere man could devise!
There’s nothing for you to actualize,
just plenty to learn and realize.
Believe…BEFORE you see Him with your own eyes.
God left it not to His whim,
for forced obedience is unlike Him,
but our choice.
For with just His voice
He not only ordains
but maintains and sustains the universe.
And so the news gets worse!
For with the same speech
that made sea and beach,
God demands Man must reach
an important decision:
live before Him in love or rebellion.
Now choice one fosters liberty
peace, joy,  and life… eternally.
Choice two leads to way too many
wrong endings like misery,
abuse, war, slavery,
destruction, and idolatry, indifference , pain, carnality
despair, selfishness, larceny, foolishness, grief,   apostasy,
oppression, chaos, jealousy,
laziness, squalor, immorality,
corruption, homosexuality,
darkness, deceit , depravity,
death, hell, religiosity,
and a total lack of jocularity!
However, choice two seems to grow in popularity,
much to the dismay of the Trinity,
as Man sides with the Adversary
by proceeding in living,
yet negating
the giving,
and loving
of Jesus at Calvary.
And while said living causes one’s wish to reside with the Lamb, at best,  weak and tenuous,
the flirtation with rebellion is continuous.
How is it that such hypocrisy emanates from us?!?
At any rate,
the thing to relate
is that God, the top Prelate
challenges one to subject
the self to the prospect
of a life lived, in servitude,
craving spiritual food,
which is the catalyst for fortitude
in altering the ungodly attitude!
Your answer isn’t about politics,
where men get paid to pull tricks,
nor excelling in mathematics
or showing an awareness in art and the humanities.
No, one’s answer isn’t found in one’s vanities
or virtuous tendencies.
It resides in the life belonging to you,
the things you think, say, and do.
Allow me to sum it up this way then: In Heaven you win, in Hell you lose.
Where you end up, depends on the choice that you choose.

The Change…


While many Christians claim solutions,

they still go through the motions

of every day

in the same way

as those who disbelieve.

If compelling one to receive

Jesus is your goal to achieve

change is what one is to perceive.

Change is not a facade

but being thought of as odd

since your talk,

and your walk,

are not the same

as those who are spiritually mute and lame.

Change is not falling for each trap Satan paved

and claim, “I’ll avoid it next time, ’cause I’m saved”!!

Change is not commanding

or demanding

that God has to do something

in order to feed your greed,

or satisfy some perceived need.

Change is not professing

Christ, yet not having

His life, but following

His lead and knowing

not hoping,

of that favorable ending.

Change is not altering

the timing

of the rebel’s norm,

that’s simply called reform.

God wants you to transform.

That means to use the light He has supplied,

not getting off-track and blaming some blind guide!

To influence Man’s choice

you must become strange

your life’s actions and voice

must be filled with the change.


Here’s some poetry written a while back. I’m adding it because of its value, and as a warning to myself of sorts…

It’s time to deal with a word,

defining a concept I know you’ve heard.

When the punishment is what one seeks to avoid or reduce

the one thing that shouldn’t be used is an excuse.

An excuse is a reason for not doing.

And now, an example of the thing:

While the church was gathering

on Sunday and corporately worshiping,

I was at home feverishly studying,

for a test I knew I wouldn’t be passing,

as I’ve just now started cramming,

and my teacher will be handing

out this test on Monday morning!

An excuse finds its source in selfishness.

It is a vehicle one uses to postpone stress.

An excuse is a catalyst of one being falsely content

as it leaves one blissfully aware

that, for the moment,

consequences are things one need not bear.

As one approaches death,

an excuse is that time one wasted breath.

It leaves one bereft.

of the time one has left,

to praise and adore

the God who gives more

than one could ever ask for.

An addict relies on a drug for the high it induces.

An obsession for the feeling is what the substance produces.

Christians are to rely on the only, living, God,

not the supposed relief brought about through excuses.

The times are a sign of the King.

The bible speaks of Jesus returning.

Excuses are a sign that one has done nothing.

How can one properly prepare for His coming?

They speak of one not willing to get the work done;

rebellion has no place in the Bride of God’s Son.

In conclusion, to God, and oneself, one should be true.

Don’t allow a lie to work out its death within you.

That way there’s no fear of shame and abuse,

nor are you temporarily forced to be a recluse.

Allow someone else the use,

of that unworthy thing known as an excuse.