There are many different,
and sometimes irreverent,
ways of thinking
or patterns of looking
at circumstances or events.
Some are accepted; others lack common sense!
One can be German,
Democratic, Brazilian,
Patriotic, Republican,
devoted to science, art, evolution,
or agreeable to a gay revolution.
Let’s focus on the perception
that’s unique to the Christian…
We aren’t ever happy
when we live for materials and money,
or when times are well below,
what we consider mellow.
We are no strangers to joy though…
because it’s God given.
We Christians are driven
when dealing with the ebb and flow
of high moments and transient woe,
to think of Jesus and sink low
as we fall on our knees in humility,
brought down by His awesome majesty.
Confronted and comforted by the mystery
of God’s love exhibited at Calvary,
we believers marvel at the substitutionary
death of One whose being is dynamic, yet stationary.
So when we meditate
on God Incarnate,
knowing He altered our fallen state,
enabling us to relate
to the top Prelate:
we praise the Lion Of The Tribe of Judah,
and make sure we live the Hallelujah
that’s shouted and sung every Sunday,
because we know Jesus is the Only Way.
That revelation was given by the Holy Spirit.
We await the Lord’s return!
Now…that’s the way we see it!.


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